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Sometimes being woman’s best friend is a ruff gig. My favorite hobbies are digging holes, jumping the fence, getting into the trash, and causing trouble with my brother and sister. Thanks to my humans, I am learning to develop new hobbies. Hence the first M in M & M. 

About M & M Dog Training

About Molly

M & M Dog Training is a Phoenix based training company that uses fun, positive, and force free training methods. We strive to help pet owners understand how to communicate with their pets efficiently, without using harmful techniques.


We don't stop at dogs! Clicker Training can also work for cats, rats, horses, pigs, and even fish! 

Clicker Training

About Maya

My mom got me 4 years ago off of a farm in New Mexico. I've always been scared of strangers. My mom took me through LOTS of training. I inspired her to help other dogs like me. That's where the second M comes from in M & M.