M & M Dog Training, LLC


$600-900 per week 
$1200-1800 for 2 weeks

approximately $2,100-$2,500 for three weeks.

Includes (3) structured training sessions per day, with unlimited play time and access to my dogs. Your dog will be involved with the daily repetition/routine as my own dog pack. ALL basic obedience and routine/repetition exercises will be implemented with your dogs stay.


A combination of, and not limited to the following individual and connected commands:  Potty training basics, sit, leave it, take, off, stay, stand, down, front door/stay, come, drop-it, and recall/come exercises.

Your dog will be worked both physically and mentally daily to continue your dog’s mental & physical development.

2-3 WALKS per day with consistent play time and social activities to what he is accustomed to currently.

Max of 1 dogs per stay (at this time)
Minimum of a 1 week stay
Reservations recommended (30) days prior to stay
½ non-refundable deposit required
General customer contact info/dog info will need to be completed prior to stay.
Up to date vaccinations must be provided, including rabies shot, and proof of flea/tick treatment plus Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination. 

1 FREE hour of AT HOME training will be included with ALL Board & Train dogs to ensure the owner is advised on all commands and obedience instruction to which their dog has learned. 

Although your dog will be staying here to learn, training is an ongoing process! After your dog leaves, you are still going to need to keep up with training and be consistent

Is your dog right for board and train?:

If you have a new puppy, a older dog who needs to learn some basics, or even a dog who is reactive or scared of people, board and train could be a good option for you. Please do not hesitate to call with questions. At this time, I am not taking in any aggressive dogs for board and train. 

I can also do online consultations through Skype. We accept payments through PayPal!